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Mercy Firearms

Minerva Ti

Minerva Ti

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Introducing the Minerva Ti from Mercy Firearms, a lightweight yet robust .223 silencer, expertly crafted from titanium for the discerning shooter. Retaining the advanced features of our standard Minerva model, the Minerva Ti offers the same exceptional AeroFlow design and direct-thread attachment but stands out with its significant weight reduction, weighing in at just 7 ounces.

Designed for .223 calibers, the Minerva Ti provides excellent sound suppression, reducing muzzle noise by 28.62 decibels while minimally affecting bolt velocity, with an increase of only 3.8%. Its titanium construction not only makes it lighter but also ensures durability and resistance to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for shooters who prioritize both performance and portability.

While the Minerva Ti is not rated for full-auto fire, it excels in semi-automatic applications, offering a perfect balance of sound reduction and minimal weight, ideal for hunting, sport shooting, and tactical use. Experience the next level of silencing technology with the Minerva Ti, where innovation meets craftsmanship to deliver a silencer that is as effective as it is elegant.

For a full auto rated version, see the Minerva.

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Unsuppressed Baseline dB:

Muzzle: 168.08

Right Ear: 160.67

Left Ear: 158.35

Suppressed Peak dB:

Muzzle: 139.55

Right Ear: 141.4

Left Ear: 137.08


Muzzle: 28.62

Right Ear: 19.27

Left Ear: 21.27

Bolt Velocity:

Baseline: 6.08

Measured: 6.31

% Increase: 3.8%

Length 6.6"

Weight Approx. 8 Oz

Mount Type: Direct Thread Only.

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