Who We Are

Mercy Firearms is a firearm manufacturer located in Indiana that focuses on 
delivering high quality silencers and rapid cerakote services to our customers. 

Our Mission

Mercy Firearms is dedicated to delivering unmatched quality in silencers and cerakoting, ensuring every customer experiences the excellence they deserve. We commit to using our resources to foster growth and development within our team and the wider community, turning profits into opportunities for all.


Founded in 2021, Mercy Firearms began with a clear vision: to delight customers and prioritize profits, all while making a significant impact on society. Our journey started with the ambition to not just be another firearms manufacturer, but to be a force for positive change, intertwining business success with the betterment of our community.


At the heart of Mercy Firearms is the conviction to serve others, especially at-risk youth and young adults. We believe in the power of education and self-efficacy building experiences to transform lives. This commitment is reflected in our pledge to allocate a portion of all company profits towards programs that empower these individuals, helping them forge a path to a brighter future.


Our motto, #JustOneMore, captures the essence of our mission. It's a reminder that our work extends beyond the manufacturing of high-quality silencers. #JustOneMore represents our continuous effort to serve one more person, delight one more customer, and make a meaningful difference in one more life. It's about extending our reach and impact, one individual at a time, reinforcing our belief that success is measured not only in profits but in the positive contributions we make to society.


Mercy Firearms is more than a company; it's a community of passionate individuals dedicated to excellence in every product we create and every life we touch. With each silencer we sell, we're not just enhancing a customer's experience; we're also fulfilling our deeper mission of serving #JustOneMore.

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