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Pluto Micro

Pluto Micro

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The Pluto Micro Silencer, brought to you by Mercy Firearms, is specifically designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize ease of carry and functionality in their rimfire handguns. Measuring only 2.5 inches and weighing in at an ultra-light 1.5 ounces, the Pluto Micro is the perfect companion for the field, offering a practical solution for those who need to unholster and shoot without delay.

This silencer is engineered to be "Quiet Enough," effectively reducing the sharpness of each shot to a more comfortable level without adding unnecessary bulk or length to your firearm. Ideal for hunting where carrying for extended periods is a given, the Pluto Micro allows for easy maneuverability and quick access, making it an essential tool for trappers and hunters alike. Its compact size and weight ensure that it won’t interfere with the natural handling of your rimfire handgun, providing a sound suppression option that enhances your hunting experience without compromise.

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