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Discover the power and precision of the Vulcan Silencer, Mercy Firearms' dedicated solution for 7.62 caliber firearms. Building on the proven design of our 5.56 silencer, the Vulcan expands its capabilities to accommodate the larger, more powerful 7.62 round, providing exceptional sound suppression for a wider range of firearms.

As a direct-thread silencer, the Vulcan ensures a secure and straightforward attachment, offering a reliable and efficient connection to your firearm. Its design is focused on maximizing noise reduction while maintaining the durability and performance expected from Mercy Firearms' products.

The Vulcan is crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring it can withstand the demands of repeated use without compromising on sound suppression capabilities. While it is specifically tuned for the 7.62 caliber, its foundation in the 5.56 design means it benefits from tested and trusted engineering, delivering outstanding performance with every shot.

Perfect for hunters, tactical shooters, and firearms enthusiasts seeking a robust and effective silencing solution, the Vulcan Silencer represents the pinnacle of noise reduction technology for 7.62 caliber firearms. Experience the quiet power of the Vulcan and elevate your shooting experience with Mercy Firearms.

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