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Introducing the Minerva, Mercy Firearms' premier .223 silencer, meticulously engineered for the discerning shooter. This direct-thread, AeroFlow technology, allowing the gas to flow through the suppressor offers superior performance with its 6.6-inch length and 14-ounce weight, providing a balanced and efficient sound reduction solution. Designed specifically for .223 calibers, the Minerva is ideal for tactical and recreational use alike.

The Minerva stands out with its minimal impact on bolt velocity, increasing it by only 3.8%, thus preserving the firearm's internal mechanics and ensuring consistent performance. Its advanced design effectively reduces noise by 28.62 decibels at the muzzle, making it an exceptional choice for shooters seeking significant sound suppression without compromise.

Fully automatic-rated, the Minerva withstands the rigors of high-rate fire, maintaining durability and reliability under the most demanding conditions. Whether for professional use or personal enjoyment, the Minerva silencer represents the pinnacle of sound suppression technology, offering unmatched performance where it counts.

For a lighter experience, look to the Minerva Ti, a non-full-auto-rated silencer with the same design, but only 7 ounces.

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Unsuppressed Baseline dB:

Muzzle: 168.08

Right Ear: 160.67

Left Ear: 158.35


Suppressed Peak dB:

Muzzle: 139.55

Right Ear: 141.4

Left Ear: 137.08



Muzzle: 28.62

Right Ear: 19.27

Left Ear: 21.27


Bolt Velocity:

Baseline: 6.08

Measured: 6.31

% Increase: 3.8%


Length 6.6"

Weight 14.4 oz

Mount Type: Direct Thread Only.

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