3D Printed Silencer Maintenance

Before starting the maintenance process, ensure the firearm is clear and made safe, and the silence is cool before touching and then carefully remove the silencer from the host firearm. Follow these steps to maintain your 3D printed silencer from Mercy Firearms:


  1. Cleaning Preparation:

   - Ensure that the firearm to which the silencer is attached is unloaded and safe.

   - Carefully detach the silencer from the firearm.


  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning:

   - Prepare a cleaning solution using Simple Green Extreme (SGE) and water in a 17:1 ratio, with 17 parts water to 1 part SGE. It’s crucial to use Simple Green Extreme, as standard Simple Green can corrode aluminum.

   - Submerge the silencer in the ultrasonic tank filled with the SGE mixture.

   - Activate the ultrasonic cleaner and let it run for 30 minutes to effectively loosen and remove contaminants.


  1. Rinsing:

   - Remove the silencer from the ultrasonic tank after the cleaning cycle.

   - Thoroughly rinse the silencer with water to eliminate any remnants of the cleaning solution and debris.


  1. Drying:

   - Post-rinsing, dry the silencer by one of the following methods:

     - Oven Drying: Place it in an oven set at 275º F for 30 minutes to ensure all moisture is completely removed.

     - Air Drying: Allow the silencer to air dry naturally until there is no moisture left.


Ensuring your silencer is properly maintained following these instructions will help preserve its functionality and extend its lifespan. For any questions or additional guidance, please contact Mercy Firearms customer service.