Evidence Disposal

Mercy Firearms specializes in firearm evidence disposal services tailored for law enforcement agencies, providing a secure, compliant, and beneficial solution for handling evidence firearms. Our services extend beyond simple disposal; we offer the option to purchase these firearms from the agency, or alternatively, trade them towards valuable assets such as new firearms, ammunition, destructive devices, or explosives. 

Our comprehensive service includes visiting your agency to inventory and collect the firearms, streamlining the process for you. We issue a detailed receipt for all firearms taken into our custody, ensuring full transparency and accountability. For those firearms designated for destruction, we conduct the process in line with strict legal and environmental guidelines, providing complete documentation for your records.

Mercy Firearms sets the industry standard in compensation for evidence firearms, offering rates higher than those of competitors. We prioritize making the process seamless and beneficial for your agency, emphasizing ease, efficiency, and value. With the option to trade in evidence firearms towards new equipment, we provide an opportunity to enhance your operational capabilities while responsibly disposing of surplus or seized items. 

Choose Mercy Firearms for a straightforward, advantageous approach to firearm evidence disposal. Our dedication to providing a seamless and rewarding experience ensures that your agency can swiftly and effectively manage evidence firearms, allowing you to focus on essential law enforcement duties.

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