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Mercy Firearms

Jupiter Ti (Preorder)

Jupiter Ti (Preorder)

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Introducing the Jupiter Ti, an elite 9mm silencer from Mercy Firearms, crafted from high-grade titanium for the ultimate in strength and lightweight performance. This premium version of our Jupiter line is designed for shooters who demand the best in sound suppression technology without the weight burden, offering a remarkable balance of durability and efficiency.

The Jupiter Ti is compatible with the HUB adapter system, ensuring a secure and versatile mount across various firearms. This titanium silencer not only significantly reduces the sound signature of 9mm rounds but also maintains a minimal weight profile, enhancing the handling and balance of your firearm without compromise.

Titanium's natural resistance to corrosion and high strength-to-weight ratio makes the Jupiter Ti an exceptional choice for intensive use in diverse environments, from competitive shooting to tactical applications. Its design incorporates the latest in silencing technology, ensuring a quiet and discreet operation that meets the high standards of professional and recreational shooters alike.

Choose the Jupiter Ti for its advanced construction, superior sound suppression, and the convenience of HUB adapter compatibility. With the Jupiter Ti 9mm silencer, Mercy Firearms continues to redefine excellence in firearm accessories, providing an unmatched shooting experience that combines stealth, precision, and versatility.

This product is in preorder status an expected to ship May 15, 2024.

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