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Mercy Firearms

Titan Ti (PreOrder)

Titan Ti (PreOrder)

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Experience the pinnacle of silencer technology with the Titan .46 caliber titanium silencer from Mercy Firearms. This premium model elevates the Titan series by offering the same exceptional sound suppression and HUB adapter compatibility, now crafted in high-grade titanium for ultimate strength and weight reduction.

The titanium construction of the Titan not only significantly decreases its weight but also enhances its durability and resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for serious shooters who demand the best in both performance and longevity. Its .46 caliber design ensures effective noise reduction for a wide range of firearms, providing a versatile solution for tactical, hunting, and recreational shooting.

Featuring compatibility with the HUB adapter system, the Titan Titanium allows for seamless and secure mounting across different firearms, offering flexibility and ease of use. This integration ensures a stable and reliable connection, enhancing the overall shooting experience with reduced noise and minimal hassle.

Choose the Titan .46 caliber titanium silencer for a superior sound suppression solution that combines the benefits of lightweight titanium construction with versatile mounting options. With the Titan Titanium, Mercy Firearms continues to set the standard in silencer technology, offering unparalleled performance and convenience for discerning shooters.

This item is in Preorder and is expected to ship May 15, 2024.

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