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Mercy Firearms

Cerakote Warranty

Cerakote Warranty

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Enhance the longevity and durability of your Mercy Firearms product with our Cerakote Warranty. For just $29.99, this warranty can be added to any Mercy Firearms manufactured item or cerakote job, offering a lifetime guarantee on the cerakote finish.

Key Features:

- Lifetime Guarantee: Protect the cerakote finish of your product for its entire lifespan, ensuring it remains resilient and vibrant.

- Comprehensive Coverage: This warranty extends to cover any cerakote-related issues, from wear and tear to chipping and fading, under normal use conditions.

- Flexible Application: Available for addition to any Mercy Firearms manufactured item or cerakote service, providing you with versatility and peace of mind.

Upon purchasing this warranty, you secure a commitment from Mercy Firearms to maintain the integrity and appearance of your item’s cerakote finish. In the unlikely event of a cerakote defect, our warranty claim service, available for a nominal shipping and handling fee, will address and rectify the issue, ensuring your product continues to meet the high standards you expect from us.


While this warranty offers broad coverage, it is subject to terms and conditions that may exclude certain products or circumstances. The warranty is applicable only to items that expressly offer the option to add this service at the time of purchase. We will recoat the product a maximum of three times in the products life.

Invest in the Cerakote Warranty for your Mercy Firearms product to ensure it remains in pristine condition, maintaining both functionality and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

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