RapidCoat Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility: Only items that can be legally coated are eligible for the Rapidcoat program. Firearms must be sent completely disassembled. Any firearms received not fully disassembled will be subject to a $40 processing fee and may be returned to the sender.


  1. Processing Time:

   - Single-color items using in-stock colors will be completed and shipped the next business day, not including the day of arrival.

   - Items requiring a patterned finish will be completed within three business days from the day after arrival.


  1. Shipping Dates:

   - You will be provided with two potential shipping dates: the Anticipated Case Scenario (ACS) and the Worst Case Scenario (WCS). The ACS is the date we expect to ship your item back to you, while the WCS provides an outer limit on the time frame.

   - While we strive to meet the ACS, we cannot guarantee these completion dates due to potential unforeseen circumstances.


  1. Shipping and Handling:

   - Customers are responsible for shipping costs to and from Mercy Firearms.

   - Items will be shipped back to the customer using the method selected at the time of service purchase unless otherwise specified.


  1. Liability:

   - Mercy Firearms is not responsible for any damage or loss during shipping to our facility.

   - It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the item is properly packaged and insured for shipping.


  1. Service Limitations:

   - Rapidcoat services are subject to availability of colors and patterns.

   - Mercy Firearms reserves the right to refuse service for any item deemed unsuitable for coating or that may violate legal restrictions.